If I told you that she’s 35 years old you’d call me a liar right?

I pulled up on my tablet at the bar yesterday evening while having a few drinks with my friends, and I asked them all one a time to tell me how old they thought that Pornstar Aria Giovanni was. I got from 25 to 29 years old, every single one of them were wrong, this baby is in her mid-30s, but some reason she has managed to arrest her age it looks like 10 years before. Then they wonder why women as such remain famous over the years in the adult entertainment business.


Body Details:
Height: 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm)
Weight: 123 lbs (56 kg)
Measurements: 34D-25-35
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Personal Details:
Age: 37 years OLD
Date of Birth: November 3, 1977
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA USA
Ethnicity: Italian
Race: Caucasian

Additional info:
Piercings: Navel
Aliases: Kennedy
Started in 2000 at approx 23 years old

You also have to take in consideration that she is performing live and she’s doing it very often, not only on the new website called Cherry Spot, but also on live porn video network sites such as cherrypimps.com and I’m all sure you know what that is all about 🙂

It’s a matter of fact that she will be performing later on this month and I actually have a front row seat ready to watch her getting fucked hard in both her pussy and her ass and all of this is happening in real time, it is happening while I am sitting in front of my widescreen computer watching her getting fucked like there’s no tomorrow!

Christmas is coming lets get ready!

She has recently done a Christmas shootout I thought it was really cool to share with you all one of the photographs among the hundreds that all posted on the Live Pornstars website that I’m always talking about in these past few months. Not a member yet? You haven’t even check it out for yourself? What are you waiting for? This is something that is a whole flight of stairs different than anything else that you’ve ever seen on the Internet, looking for porn and different things in porn, you can do that all the time and if you lucky sometimes you will find something that is a little different. This however is the new generation is the 2.0 of porn.

aria giovanni porn

Aria Giovanni happens to be one of the main Hot Pornstars starring on this network, this network that offers live porn on a daily basis and that from a few hundred thousand members have become a colossal of nearly 3,000,000 people that are active members of this website and that they watch live porn on a daily basis.

Check out Aria’s new personal profile on Cherry Pimps

Yes yes yes, I know it’s not Christmas but this happened to be one of the photographs that I had on hand and have had on hand several months but I never posted, and I think that this is one of the most sexiest photographs in high definition that I have ever seen of this gorgeous porn star and obviously were talking aboutAria Giovanni Live Porn Queen, I call her that simply because her ratings are absolutely incredibly high beyond and above any calculation the administration of the network where she is doing this life porn knew that she was going to do very well but they had no idea that she would bring in such incredibly high numbers. However that doubt can be disintegrated immediately after that you have watched one of her live porn shows, and that you will actually understand why she has become so popular among other porn stars and live sex in general.

aria giovanni

It’s worthless to say that Live Porn Videos is not the new trend, it is worthless to say that it is a calm and go situation, because that will never happen this is actually the future of adult entertainment, this is the absolute novelty for pornography, porn has never been seen in such a way before and has never had so much attention and attendance to it.

Don’t be fooled when you read on Google or any other search engine where you are specifically looking for Live Pornstars, that they can offer you the best unless it is CherryPimps.com or its new sister website called Wildoncam.com then they cannot provide you what they say that they can.

Aria Giovanni once again killing it on live webcam

When I saw this photograph of her I just simply couldn’t resist, it looks like a 1930s photograph with a hottie of today, I always appreciated a curvy girl and when you have all your curves in the right place and when there is no Photoshop to put them in the right place if needed then you know that you have found the perfect porn star, how do I know that this photograph is not Photoshop, that simple because it is an extract from a Live Porn show and I have actually seen her in one of her live performances not too long ago, and she has one of the most fantastic and curvy bodies that I have ever seen on live WebCam ever before.

I’ll also add to that, that she is even better on live WebCam when she’s having sex rather than watching her on traditional porn videos, and whoever knows her, also knows that she has made dozens of porn videos and every single one of them have been an extremely big success it is a matter of fact that she is one of the most successful and most popular porn stars at this time, she is the bitch of the moment we could call her LOL.

porn on cherrypimps

Where she is working making Live Pornstar shows on a weekly basis, there also another 970 professional adult models or so-called porn stars that are doing the same identical thing. So that you know this is the only website that has real famous porn stars that have sex with male porn stars live on WebCam on the Internet today, others do have live sex but they are not with famous porn stars, they all with crackheads, college students, or desperate moms looking for a payoff, and in most cases they really don’t even turn you wanted all, their only in it for the money and they couldn’t care less if you like the show or not, because they’ll be there one day and that we gone the other.

So if you are seeking some serious quality Live sex shows and when I say quality I mean women just like Aria but you can see in the image here now you know where to go, simply click on one of the links provided in this blog post you will be then directed to one of the pages, where you can check it out for yourself and then you decide if you want to sign up or not.

Aria Giovanni Live Porn Action on Webcam

It’s usually “porn action on video” or “watch her getting fucked in this great movie” or “more exciting porn on DVD” well in this case it would be none of that, yes it is true that pornstar Aria Giovanni has made dozens of DVDs, her movies are famous worldwide, she is one of the best adult actresses that there are today in the porn world either online, on TV, or on DVD, this woman has taken so much cock I think that she has totally lost count, to the extent where she doesn’t know in how many hundreds of times she’s had sex with different partners LOL.
However she has taken it a step further, just like many other all of her colleagues, successful porn stars just like her, she has decided to take cock on live WebCam, so in other words while she is creating a porn video and there are people there with their cameras recording the sex happening and going down, there are other operators that are not holding cameras but they are holding specific WebCams and they are broadcasting the porn happening on live stream thanks to a website called cherrypimps.com

aria giovanni wildoncam

You heard that right I’m not talking about simply live sex but I’m talking about Live Pornstars creating movies while they are being broadcasted live, so yes you will be able to see that movie on DVD if you want to purchase it or on your favorite sex channel on television, but you can also see it while it’s happening you can see her take cock right there lie even if you want to.

And it’s a matter of fact it’s not just her there are actually hundreds of Pornstars at CherryPimps.com that are doing this and it’s a matter of fact that they have at least one lie famous porn star sex show going down every day at least once a day that is a porn star that spreads her legs and takes a gigantic cock live for you and hundreds of thousands more members.

Aria Giovanni White Bra And Matching Panties

Aria Giovanni is sexy on any given day of the week, but this white lingerie is perfect. The way her huge breasts sit in her white bra here is beautiful – perfect even.

She’s up on her knees…. Secretly Aria Giovanni is telling us exactly what she wants! And we all know what that is… It’s how all chicks like to be fucked!

aria giovanni white lingeire playing with herself1

But then Aria Giovanni lays on her back, pulls out her titties, her huge giant knockers… And quietly slides her hands down her sexy white panties…

aria giovanni white lingeire playing with herself2

Looks like Aria Giovanni is in the mood for love… Or wants to get fucked hard!

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